Millboard BARLAN® are based on inorganic fibres (made of 100% exonerated fiber according to 1272/2008 (CLP ) NOTE Q)o btained by a wet process and bonded with binding materials, offering some properties that make them suitable for being used in a wide range of applications.BARLAN® 850,1200 plus and 1100BIO are free of ceramic.

Recommend for carrier rollers for steel and glass, gas sealing joints in ovens and cogeneration, furnace and oven construction, burners and boilers, ducts and hot air dry ducts and on the whole, in applications where is required a thermal and acoustic protection.

Maximum Working 1100
Size of the sheets (mm) 1000 x 1000
Standard Thickness (mm). Other upon request. 2; 3 ; 5 ; 10
Density (±10%) 0.9 g/cm3 0.9 g/cm3
Organic Content (%) 10
Loss at 800 (% ±10%) 15
Dielectric rigidity (kv/mm.) 1.4
Shrinkage at 800ºC 24h 2 (900ºC)
Typical Properties 5mm.

Specially designed for:

  1. Alumina and aluminium. Is used in several ways in their casting systems, as gaskets but also to conform different parts of their cells and liquid aluminium casting system.
  2. Iron and Steel foundries. Similar applications as gaskets in their casting operations. Particular interest in the centrifugal casting of high alloyed tubes.
  3. Oil and gas burners. From high capacity industrial burners to domestic boilers for hot water and heating. In this case Barlan is also used in the body of the heater itself.
  4. Furnace and oven construction. As an insulation material but also as a material to mark the expansion joints between refractory brickwork.
  5. Ceramic industry. As support of ceramic pieces entering ovens.
  6. General insulation and heat protection. Also protection from welding projections and sparks generated on braking systems.
  7. Filler in metal clad gasket.
  8. Glass industry. As washers used on a mandrel to form rolls to draw and convey flat glass.
  9. Stainless Steel. On rollers for heat treatment lines for stainless steel bands. In this applications BARLAN in washers form to make the rolls. These washers have a special treatment after cutting.